Deep Industry Experience Combined with Targeted Solutions

In a rapidly evolving global industry with consistent productivity pressures, TPSCO brings powerful products combined with mining and transit expertise to turn industry challenges into opportunities.  OpenPoynt, MinePoynt and TransPoynt are sophisticated solutions bringing financial and operational excellence to complex, global mining and transit companies around the world.

TPSCO is highly collaborative and committed to developing world class products and executing innovative strategies.

The mining industry has demonstrated consistency in growth and development, in both bearish and bullish economies. The demand for precious metals and other valuable resources remains constant across broad market conditions. 

While the demands for valuable resources continues, Information Technology continues to develop rapidly, changing the way in which management teams view the balance of the needs of the individual mines versus the broader corporate goal of boosting enterprise value.  Trends include more automation and integration, greater collaboration, easier access to targeted information, and ever-decreasing hardware costs.

The transit industry is enormous, including air, bus, rail, and commuter-train systems all around the world. The complex, global industry encompasses businesses which transport people or goods, by land, sea, or air, from one point to another.

Technology has significantly changed  the transit industry making it possible for transit companies to become more productive, accurate and responsive to financial and operational decision-making. 


TPSCO Solutions for Mining, Transit, Oil  and Gas