Product Overview

Powerful and Cost Effective KPIs, Dashboards and Reports

International companies require sophisticated tools embedded with intelligence around regulatory compliance and international standards, as well as the interplay between those standards, to effectively understand comprehensive financials. MinePoynt offers a sophisticated financial reporting package based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) specifically for the United States of America and Canada - including cash flow.

Increase financial and operational intelligence with MinePoynt enterprise dashboards and multi-level reporting driven by a comprehensive and powerful hierarchy. Drill-down to detailed levels of individual locations or sites to a wide range of pre-built, detailed reports. Within detailed reports, jump start analysis to pinpoint the transactions leading to root causes.

Together with OpenPoynt, MinePoynt combines the content with the context allowing transactional systems, such as ERP and BI, to operate as one. Gain confidence in decision-making from your existing data and systems.


  • Industry KPI dashboards and reports out-of-the-box
  • Drill-down from enterprise KPIs to transaction details
  • Industry-specific metadata layers and hierarchies
  • Logical separations 


  • Improves time-to-value by enabling fingertip access to enterprise dashboards and reports
  • Provides a clear line-of-sight to root cause issues to identify and solve issues quickly
  • Helps management teams shift from reactive to predictive decision-making
  • Equivalent of over 600 "traditionally" coded reports 


Relief from data extracts, data manipulation in spreadsheet and data loading can become a reality by combining OpenPoynt and MinePoynt.


MinePoynt is Cloud Enabled!

If eliminating manual or inefficient solutions is interesting, ask us if a
cloud-enabled MinePoynt solution is right for you.