Product Overview

Boost your ERP and BI investments with OpenPoynt

OpenPoynt is the ideal foundation for data-driven companies where leveraging existing ERP, BI and Metadata Management/DRM investments are required to yield superior business insight capabilities. 

Designed with industry-leading software development practices, OpenPoynt bridges the gap between financial and operational systems by enabling data normalization, driving automation and creating a unique line-of-sight proficiency.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Data Source Agnostic
    No need to buy or replace existing data sources. Increase Return-on-Investment (ROI) of existing ERP, BI and Metadata Management/DRM systems by leveraging each to the full potential.

  • TPSCO Calculation Engine
    Drives world class standards and enterprise reporting consistency without additional transactional systems 

  • Global Standardized Metadata Management Layer 
    Unifies ERP systems and Business Intelligence software to operate as one

  • Line-of-Sight Feature 
    Enables controls and governance at all levels within the organization

Ready to increase your level of sophistication?

Try MinePoynt when you need to have a clear line-of-sight to root cause issues that erode ROIC and EBITDA.