Product Overview

Tools to be World Class and Financially Intelligent Today

OpenPoynt empowers organizations to be financially and operationally intelligent when productivity pressures rise and executive business acuity increases. Boost your ERP and BI investments with the robust OpenPoynt platform. Help management teams shift from reactive to predictive decision-making.

Business Insights - Data Source Agnostic. Flexible. Cloud Ready.




  • Calculation engine for enterprise data normalization
  • Standardized layer for global data assembly
  • Data source agnostic for aggregation


  • Brings financial and operational discipline to company data
  • Enables automation and creates enterprise points of control and governance 
  • Boosts ERP and BI investments enabling them to operate as one to have a single view of organization


MinePoynt and TransPoynt


  • Industry KPI dashboards and reports out-of-the-box
  • Drill-down from enterprise KPIs to transaction details
  • Industry-specific metadata layers and hierarchies
  • Logical separations 


  • Increases time-to-value by enabling fingertip access to enterprise dashboards and reports
  • Provides a clear line-of-sight to root cause issues to identify and solve issues quickly
  • Helps management teams shift from reactive to predictive decision-making
  • Equivalent of over 600 "traditionally" coded reports 


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Ask about the powerful OpenPoynt platform and products designed to turn oceans of data and siloed data sources into sophisticated business insights.

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