When Time-to-Value is Critical - Be World Class 

TPSCO offers a wide range of service offerings to bring your company up to world class quickly and cost effectively. Each service offering is thoughtfully designed to ensure priority needs are met.  From a diagnostic HealthCheck to a Proof-of-Concept, TPSCO consultants go the extra mile to deliver on commitments.

We are experienced, qualified, focused and have a world-class platform, products and solution services.

The HealthCheck service is a screening designed to quickly analyze your ecosystem 

The Assessment service identifies gaps and determines corrective measures


Determining feasibility, capability and applicability are common objectives when defining a high-value Proof-of-Concept


The TPSCO Certifications are designed to certify configurations and the competency of IT professionals

For the C-Suite and Corporate Officers, receive insight and advice maximizing profit potential and shareholder value