Product Overview

Experience Amazing Enterprise-to-Transaction Visibility

TransPoynt KPI dashboards and industry-ready reports are robust, flexible and thoughtfully designed to decrease costs for bus, light rail and heavy rail transit operations.  When a clear line-of-sight to root cause issues that erode ROIC and EBITDA are high priority, TransPoynt's KPIs, dashboards, multi-level reports and transaction visibility deliver critical business insights. 

TransPoynt is packaged with a standard set of reporting structures including operation, financial and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These structures can be implemented across existing ERP and statistical systems via OpenPoynt. TransPoynt  provides world class KPI dashboards and reporting such as month-end, year-end reports and flexible grants management reports - all without any changes to underlying systems.


  • Industry KPI dashboards and reports out-of-the-box
  • Drill-down from enterprise KPIs to transaction details
  • Industry-specific metadata layers and hierarchies
  • Logical separations 


  • Improves time-to-value by enabling fingertip access to enterprise dashboards and reports
  • Provides a clear line-of-sight to root cause issues to identify and solve issues quickly
  • Helps management teams shift from reactive to predictive decision-making
  • Equivalent of over 600 "traditionally" coded reports 


TransPoynt is Cloud Enabled!

If eliminating manual or inefficient solutions is interesting, ask us if a
cloud-enabled TransPoynt solution is right for you.